Preston Wood

Owner / Lead Instructor

Growing up in the backwoods of Georgia, Preston Wood developed a love for the outdoors at an early age. Hunting oak littered swamp bottoms, fishing and camping along the Ohoopee River, and shooting with his grandfather, Bill, helped establish his foundation. Preston’s passion for outdoor activities spawned a strong patriotic spirit, love for his country, and respect for the freedoms . After the events of 9/11, Preston enlisted in the United States Marine Corps serving in the Iraqi theatre. After completing his service with an honorable discharge, Preston returned to Georgia and began working with the YMCA as an Outdoor Education Coordinator, Lifeguard, and Middle School Counselor. While at the YMCA, Preston managed a 30ft rock wall, with ropes course and zip line, taught archery, shooting, fishing, and paddle boarding to camp kids. In his free time, he would begin shooting in the IDPA and USPSA competitive shooting circuits. Preston then took on a career in Industrial Sales specializing in Industrial Hydraulics that would move him and his family to North Carolina. Once in North Carolina, he attended a Concealed Carry Handgun Course in order to apply for CCH permit. Upon finding that civilians could teach the course, his passion for sharing his knowledge for the shooting sports was rekindled. Preston began the process of becoming a certified instructor. He is currently holding credentials as a Red Cross Instructor, North Carolina Concealed Carry Handgun Instructor, NRA Certified Pistol Instructor, NRA Certified Shotgun Instructor, and NRA Chief Range Safety Officer. In 2021 Preston established D3 – Devil Dog Defense with a mission of offering firearms training and preparedness to fellow citizens. D3 is based in Louisburg, NC.

Delmore -Del- Adams

Certified NRA Firearms Instructor, Rifle Expert, Coach

Delmore Adams is a Marine corps infantry veteran, deploying three times during his time in active service. While serving Delmore was a qualified rifle expert, and formally trained on several other weapons systems. He also will begin competing in precision rifle matches in 2022.

After being honorably discharged Delmore continued doing security work, specializing in electronic surveillance, and physical security. With over 20 years of firearms experience, and over 10 years working in the security field he is passionate about personal defense and security.

As a husband and father Delmore also understands, and continues the military’s legacy of, readiness and service to protecting others. He currently works as a Project Engineer, as well as an certified NRA firearms instructor, coach, and content creator. He loves to train others to be self reliant, able to defend themselves, and ready in any situation.

Patrick Ford

Certified NRA Pistol & Shotgun Instructor, Certified Range Safety Officer

Patrick Ford is one of the co-founders of Devil Dog Defense, which is a training group built on real world experience both in military and civilian actions. Patrick has over 10 years of law enforcement experience having worked on the state, county, and municipal levels all together. He is a certified NRA Pistol and Shotgun instructor as well as an NRA certified range safety officer. He also enjoys competitive shooting sports.

Born and raised in North Carolina, Patrick grew up playing in the woods, camping and hiking. His love of history and the outdoors evolved into learning various primitive living and survival skills from basic tools to emergency medical care. Patrick also believes that proper fitness and nutrition lead to a better quality of life. With all of the problems of the modern world, Patrick believes everyone should be as independent and self-reliant as possible. Through education and training this can be better realized.