About Us


D3, or Devil Dog Defense, is dedicated to offering training to assist in achieving the average citizen to a level of preparation and self-reliance that will aid in time of need.

Whether your situation is self-defense with a firearm or rendering first aid after a car accident, preparation is key.

The name Devil Dog Defense is a tribute to the never quit mentality of Marines on the battlefield.

My reason for using this is that Marines fight like Hell for the man to their left and right.

This tenacity is a mindset that you will never quit. D3 wants to help develop the citizen to have the “Never Quit” mindset that led to the Marines earning the nickname Devil Dog.

All of our training is geared toward a defensive mindset. Much of your success in a tough situation relies on mindset.

Having the skills developed through training in different principals allows a level of confidence that allows you to stay calm and work through tough situations.

In other words, basic pistol skills are great to practice, but never drawing, shooting, and assessing in a stressful mindset leaves you vulnerable in a self-defense situation.

Practicing drawing and shooting from a heightened state of stress will help you to process information and understand your emotions in stressful times.

The same goes with First aid. Only practicing in a controlled environment leaves you at risk of failure when the real situation is playing out in less than perfect conditions.

D3 promotes introducing stimulation to increase adrenaline and heartrate to simulate your bodies response to stress stimulus.

Being prepared is like building a house. You will start with a foundation.

These are our basic courses:

  • Basic Pistol
  • Concealed Carry
  • First Aid, etc.

These classes give you the basic knowledge of how to safely and effectively begin training.

The next level is like the structural support.

These are Everyday Carry, Scenario training, life saver scenario training, etc.

Last is the daily routine to develop the skill and polish your own mindset for your daily life.

The training never stops as you develop and hone your skills.

Along with training D3 will offer personal preparedness weekend events.

These will be opportunities to practice with your tools in a controlled environment and experience the added exposure to environmental changes.

The rule of 3 applies in shootings and in survival.

In a defensive shooting, statistics show that 3 rounds, at 3 yards, in 3 seconds is the average.

In survival situations, statistic show that you last 3 min without air, 3 hours in harsh exposure, and 3 days with no water.

These rules will be the key of the majority of your training.